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  1. Emilia Iacob says:

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    We have noticed that you have recently published a review about the Samsung Wave smartphone at http://badaportal.com/telefony-na-osnove-bada/samsung-wave-s8500. For this reason, we think that the following information may be of interest to you.

    ROUTE 66 has recently launched a worldwide end-user campaign for Samsung Wave owners with the following slogan:

    “Upgrade your Samsung Wave to LIFETIME navigation now and receive 1 year FREE speed camera updates!”

    As you may already know the Samsung Wave is shipped globally with the Samsung LBS mapping and navigation application. Samsung LBS, which is powered by the ROUTE 66 mapping and navigation engine, contains a 30 days free trial license for worldwide car and pedestrian navigation. During the 30 days test period, Samsung Wave owners can take advantage of a fully functional mapping and navigation application with turn-by-turn spoken driving instructions and on-screen directions. After the 30 days test period, ROUTE 66 offers all owners of a Samsung Wave the possibility to continue to enjoy navigation throughout the entire lifetime of their phones. For this purpose, ROUTE 66 has prepared an unbeatable offer which invites all owners of a Samsung Wave to upgrade their smartphones with a lifetime navigation license, for which they receive 1 year free speed camera updates as a bonus from ROUTE 66.

    Please find the following information online:

    • The press release announcing this campaign (see http://www.66.com/route66/index.php?cid=RU&act=4)
    • The landing page of this campaign (see https://secure.66.com/samsung_wave/index.php?cid=RU&act=)
    • The landing page of this campaign accessible from the Samsung Wave (see http://www.66.com/samsung/wave/help/index.php?cid=RU&act=0)

    In our opinion, our worldwide end-user campaign for Samsung Wave owners may be very interesting for the visitors of your website. Therefore, we invite you to publish about our campaign on your website.

    For any possible questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Kind regards,

    Emilia Iacob
    Public Relations Department

    ROUTE 66 Switzerland GmbH
    Poststrasse 5
    CH-8808 Pfaeffikon/SZ
    Tel: +41-(0)31-550 03 53
    Fax: +41-(0)55-416 11 86
    E-mail: press@66.com
    Skype: route66support

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